Australia - New Zealand - Wedding Photographer

My goal for 2018 was to be uncomfortable and to push myself so I could grow. Grow into a better version of myself. To try new things and to say 'yes’ at more opportunities. So last January I booked a flight to Australia, my first ever solo trip. I remember as my plane landed in Sydney a tear of joy rolled down my cheek. I made it.

Soon after arriving I realized I was in fact not alone. Lovely people were around every corner. I met some incredible humans during my time in the land down under, people that left a mark on my heart forever. I also was lucky enough to meet up with my best friend in New Zealand where we explored some of the most beautiful terrain in the world. Milford Sound is a must see in New Zealand and is top three places I have visited in my lifetime thus far. Another moment where I cried it was so breathtaking.

I visited Sydney, Cairns and Melbourne and the Southern part of New Zealand. I hugged kangaroos, held a koala, swam in the Great Barrier Reef, traveled the Great Ocean Road, drove on the left side of the road, hiked 2,500 meters in a rain cloud and got nude at the top, stood under freezing cold waterfalls and fell in love with travel.

Okay enough words, I hope my photos can tell the story of how my trip unfolded…