As I sit here in my cold Colorado apartment, I slightly miss the heat (key word, slightly!). Christine and Drew wanted to celebrate their first year wedding anniversary with a photo session. They both have been working on their fitness for the last year and the proof is in their muscles! This session took place back in August, in the Phoenix summer heat. Finally getting around to blogging all about it. As lovely as this sounds, I left their photo session literally wet from head to toe. It was that hot and humid...oh and mosquitoes galore. Bug spray wasn't even cutting it. Christine and Drew handled the horrid weather like champions, no complaints...just love! I will seriously endure any weather type or buggy location (simply for the beauty) as long as my clients are happy and okay with it. You would never know by these photos that we were all hot and sticky. Thank you both for letting me capture your one year photos together, enjoy your photos for years to come.