Congrats to Mok & Bel, they are newly engaged and have the brightest future ahead of them! Mok just moved to Boulder from Singapore to train for the Olympics. His girlfriend Bel came to visit and while she was here Mok popped the question.

Mok contacted me a month before her arrival telling me of his plans to propose, I was so thrilled. This was my first live proposal and the anticipation was killing me as much as it was him. I had to put my acting skills to the test and pretend I was a new photographer in town looking for business when approaching them.

Mok proposed to Bel on his birthday, the rain let up right before he got on one knee. I feel so honored to have been a part of such a significant moment in their lives. Mok was clever enough to pack a change of clothes for Bel and we headed right into their engagement session at Settler's Park. Photographing these two was so easy, they literally couldn't stop smiling and neither could I.