Photo by Associate Sarah

Photo by Associate Sarah


Why do you have associates?

I wish I could be at more than one place at once, unfortunately that isn't physically possible. I get a lot of couples who I want to help, but I am already booked or over their budget. I decided to hire associates who are extensions of myself. They capturing all the awesomeness of your wedding day while capturing moments similar to my work.

Who are your associates?

My associates are highly skilled photographers who I hand selected to represent Mallory Munson Photography. They have a similar style, approach and enthusiasm on your wedding day. Let just say I would let them capture my own wedding :p

What should I expect?

Booking your engagement session or wedding coverage with one of my associates comes with all the benefits of Mallory Munson Photography. I help with engagement session locations, timeline suggestions and anything else you may need. My associates capture your wedding day and I edit and deliver your photos. 

How much experience do they have?

My associates have captured just as many if not more weddings than I have. They have an eye for beautiful portraits and capturing candid moments. 


Can I meet your associate before I book?

I would love for you to meet the photographer you want to work with. I will set up a FaceTime/Skype or phone call so you can meet.