Tomorrow Daniel and I embark on the longest road trip of our lives thus far. We are both free agents roaming our planet Earth. This is a once in a lifetime chance and instead of waiting to do this later or in 10 years or never...we are deciding to do this huge trip right now! In a 30 day time spand, we will be driving approximately 5000 miles, driving through 8 states, staying at 10 campsites and 6 random houses found through airbnb.com. Also, we will be staying with some of Daniel's family in The Dalles, Oregon. Did I add that our two dogs are coming as well? We have been telling Jasper and Stella for weeks now as if they understand our words. The door bell rings twice a day with deliveries from amazon.com, the dogs have definitely become curious with all the boxes in our living room full of camping gear. Who knew camping involved bear spray, air horns and a flash light brighter than the sun. We are prepared. Daniel made sure of it.

Camping trip US
US Map Road Trip
US Map Road Trip

We will be visiting many more cities and landmarks along the way. If you have somewhere we must see/go to, please do tell! I can't wait for fresh air, no obligations, hiking, gorgeous scenery (that we get to photograph!), reading a book and spending time with my husband and my pups. I will only be able to blog post when I have WiFi. Stay tuned via Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you Daniel for putting this all together. Without your endless hours of research, none of this would of been possible.

Peace and love,