We finished the last leg of our road trip on October 6th, 2014. Today, I finally finished editing the photos taken on the road while making our way through Colorado and visiting the Grand Canyon. Feels good to put this project in the vault, but it made me miss the time spent on the road with my husband. 

We spent our time in Durango and Del Norte, Colorado and soaked up all the beautiful mountains and trees covered in fall colors. We spent some time in Denver and Boulder, CO but kept my camera tucked away during that time. As a photographer it is nice to just enjoy the moment. Though rewarding to reflect back at the photos it can be exhausting as well. While in Del Norte, CO we stayed at the Mermaid Cottage. It was off the beaten path and owned by this couple who built the cottage by hand. It is a tiny little cottage, but all you really need to survive. We were welcomed by all their sweet farm animals and I fell in love with their pony named Sunny. He was so sweet and gentle, especially with our dogs. We enjoyed the remote location due to the fact it was so quiet and peaceful, you literally couldn’t hear any civilization or see any city lights. The Mermaid Cottage was good for the mind.

While in Boulder we knew right away, this is the city for us. With the refreshing air, nice people, amazing views and the outdoorsy lifestyle we were sold. The fact that is was so close to our family and friends in Arizona made the location even more appealing. As you may know we were actually going to move to Australia when we returned from our road trip, it was all planned and we were ready to go. Part of our 30 day road trip was to help us decide where we would want to live once we returned from AU. Well after much thought we knew where our home was supposed to be, right here in Boulder. We cancelled our AU plans, wasted a ton of money and don’t regret it one bit. We are so happy in Colorado, this place is awesome. Long story short, I still long for Australia and New Zealand…Daniel and I will make it there before we have babies.

Anyways, I am totally done rambling and didn’t mean for this to be so much typing. Let our photos do the talking…Enjoy!



After 17 years of living in Arizona, I finally made it to the Grand Canyon. Though slightly embarrassing we only stayed at the Grand Canyon for an hour. One short hour. We wanted to stay longer and camp out and hike the glorious surroundings…that was our intentions anyways. This was the very last stop on our trip and Daniel and I both longed for our bed, not a blow up mattress. Keep in mind, every time we would set up camp it would take about an hour. I was over it, we were over it. We made a decision to drive home. I am glad we did. I do want to adventure the Grand Canyon more in depth in the near future. I would love to see this massive canyon from top to bottom. In the mean time, here is what I was able to capture in the short time I was there.