I have never set up my camera on my tripod and taken photos of myself. Okay, I have taken the occasional selfie on my iPhone, but even that is rare. I got inspired by a photographer I stumbled upon to take some self portraits of myself and to not hold back. I planned on doing this while I was alone in fear of looking completely stupid, but who am I kidding my husband doesn't judge me. In our 600 square foot apartment with only the "living room" having actual windows I decided to set up shop there. I downloaded a nifty app called EOS Remote which allows you to have complete control over your camera at a distance. Including the following: aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focusing. This app rocks and made my self portrait session a breeze since I was able to capture photos by pushing the shutter on my cell phone. 

If you know me, I enjoy comfortable clothing so I put on my favorite American Apparel t-shirt that I own in 7 colors and did my makeup (a rare thing when you work from home). The only other thing I added to this portrait session was a blow dryer that Daniel graciously helped with.  I wanted some movement with my hair and what better way to add wind then a blow dryer?!

I decided to edit some of these photos differently. I really enjoy these types of edits, but have always had a hard time leaving the "safe" zone. No longer will I stay in the safe zone, this is my self expression and it is about time I do things that I am super proud of.  I can't wait to try some new techniques on all of you ;)