ASSOCIATE Photographers

There are a whole lot of amazing couples and only one of me. Due to high demand I now offer the Mallory Munson Photography experience through my associate photographers. I have hand selected three talented photographers to capture your engagement session and wedding day. Take a look at their portfolios below to get started! 

You may have questions and I have answers. Please read over my Associate Photographer FAQ's.


Meet Marissa!

I discovered my passion for photography in high school when I took a film photography class. Then 4 years ago I photographed a friends wedding and immediately fell in love, at that moment I realized my 9-5 job just wasn’t for me. Now 100 weddings later I still believe I have the best job in the world.

  • I was born and raised in Austin, Texas and recently moved to Denver because the heat was too much!

  • Coffee is my go-to drink (specifically a Starbucks Americano).

  • I can quote the show Friends word-for-word and will never get tired of watching it.

  • I love to travel and the next place I want to go is Iceland (I love being cold).

  • I have an unhealthy love for Blue Bell Ice Cream and could eat it every day.



Being present for such important moments in a couples life brings me so much happiness. As much as I adore all the details and portraits during a wedding, I absolutely go bananas for the recessional and the first dance. Those candid moments make my heart full. If I am not taking photos you can find me hanging with my kitties and spending time outside in the Colorado sun.

  • I was born & raised in Boulder, CO.

  • I love the game of basketball, to play, to watch and I have even coached at my high school the past two years!

  • The Office always makes me laugh! I watch all the seasons through about once a year.

  • I started taking photos as a New Years resolution and it quickly turned into my greatest passion in life.

  • Hot weather and climates are my favorite! The snow is pretty, but the sun is everything.



I jump for joy when capturing the perfect genuine laugh, a groom's quickly brushed away tear, or a heartfelt hug with mom. The moment after a couple is announced as "married" is my favorite! When I'm not photographing weddings, I love spending my time getting into the foothills behind Boulder and taking a long hike with my three rescue dogs. You can also find me binge watching Netflix while drinking local beer with my husband. 

Fun-facts: I'm English (sorry, no accent though), I'm a Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, and video-gaming nerd, and I haven't had hair longer than my chin in over 8 years!! 



  • I believe in goodnight kisses and holding hands as you fall asleep.

  • My wife and I have been married for 8 years and share our house with four furry children and two human children.

  • I’m often quiet, but could talk about The Bachelorette for hours.

  • I believe that exploring is more important than getting to your destination.

  • I think donuts should always have maple icing and bacon on them.

  • I re-read my favorite books because a good story never gets old.

  • I believe the perfect day is an afternoon in the mountains and a night cuddling at home.

  • I believe in planning your dreams.

 Have questions? Click here for Associate Photographer FAQ's