Well hello there, Glad you made it.

Thank you for your interest in my photography, I kinda really love what I do. I am extremely fortunate that taking your engagement and wedding photos is my passion.  In the past five years I have captured over 200 weddings and counting.

  • My passion for photography started in grade school, I was never without a disposable camera (I still have every photo I have ever taken, send help!). I eventually upgraded to a DSLR in my early twenties and well here I am.

  • I was born in Minnesota and grew up in Arizona. I now live exactly in-between both states and feel more at home than ever.

  • I travel one-third of the year (mostly solo) for fun. My biggest regret would be to live a life without seeing this lovely planet of ours.

  • If I could be anyone, I would be a rock star on stage screaming my lungs out to thousands of people in a crowd. For now I shall continue my screams in my car.

  • I am easily excited. Good food. Little or big experiences. Beautiful scenery. If I like something I won't stop commenting on how wonderful it is.

  • I get goose bumps ALL THE time when I hear a beautiful voice singing or listen to someone tell me a touching story.

  • Growing up I was the fat girl and kids were mean. I don’t tolerate hatred from anyone and will stand up for a stranger when necessary. Every human deserves compassion and understanding.

  • I have my bachelors degree in Website Design, but while getting my degree I became overtaken by photography and quit my 9-5.

Some random likes/loves/needs/wants:

Adventuring to new places. Yoga. My Miniature Schnauzers. Sunsets. Lemon flavored anything. Hiking. Bubbly water/wine. Music, all kinds. Concerts. Thinking positive. The Universe. Strong black coffee. Enthusiasm!